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Mohammad Khalil Qudsi


I really enjoyed creating and leading the Newspaper Club. Running and especially creating a Newspaper Club from scratch taught me things that school or books would have never thought me. It thought me the experience to lead a group towards achieving a common goal, to spread news to the parents and the students about the things happening and around the school. In just one year we not only started our own News Channel but we also created our own website that has information and pictures about clubs, sports and the different departments. Next year we even have an app now. We plan on expanding and reaching more students using the app. I started the Newspaper Club mainly because I enjoyed how clubs were created and run in anime’s. I hope that the Newspaper Club gets continued by the next batch of students and I hope it becomes a fun environment for the students at GEMS AAQ to learn new skills and have a fun time while doing that. I am honored to have founded a club as special as this one.

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