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Mozelle Ofori-Atta

Information Broker

When I decided to join the Newspaper Club, I only thought of it as another activity to add to my list of extra-curricular activities already done. However after joining, I quickly realized this was not just any club. The Newspaper Club has taught me so many skills, that it's practically another class I take. I was a member of the Information Sector, which meant I had to learn when, where, and how to get information for my sector. Being in this club was not easy. There were moments where I wanted to give up and call it a day and quit, or moments where I was too busy with other responsibilities as an 11th Grader. We as a club all pulled through however, and those that chose to stay worked hard to make the Newspaper Club what it is now. With that said, this club allowed me to be in contact with people I originally had never even had a full conversation with. It also allowed me to be closer with my friends considering all of us were also in it. I wouldn't mind joining again next year because I want this club to go as far as it can!

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