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About us

The Under 19 Raptors Football team has come a long way since their disappointing run last year 2018/19 where the team lost all 8 games.  This year the team came back earlier and started pre-season training in early September to make sure they were ready for the season.  With a large squad, Mr Gregory has had great options to pick a great team every week.  Currently with 4 wins and 1 loss they are on track to challenge for the cup and the league.  Under the leadership of Khalid Hamdoun and Kristofer Heimisson, the two newly appointed captains and the shrewd long term manager Mr. Gregory the team are looking in fantastic shape this year.  Support has been growing for the team and the home fixtures have had great atmosphere.  Several new key players have made a significant impact this year.  Jehad Wazwaz and Kristofer Heimisson in defence have been crucial to the team's success so far this season, two solid centre backs who let very little past them.  Ali Maskari has found new success in his left back role this year and has been the team's secret weapon on the counter attack.  Ali Hussain and Yousef Beckdach have had great breakthroughs this year and are both prolific goalscorers, if they maintain their form it might be an exciting year for the GAAQ Raptors.  Many other players have had a great season.

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