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Eco-Club's Smoothie Sale!

We live in a desert in Qatar. Nonetheless, Qatar’s population has always been privileged enough to have access to clean, drinking water. Many in the world, in fact, over 600 million people, still do not have access to clean drinking water!

GAAQ’s Eco-Club heard that fact and was startled. Thus, the Eco-Club members decided to take some action upon this injustice in the twenty-first century. The Eco-Club planned to host a smoothie sale, and donate 100% of its funds to a non-profit organization called Thirst Project, the world’s largest youth water organization. Thirst Project is aimed at empowering students in the U.S. and around the world to take action against the injustices caused by the global water crisis. Students may host several fundraisers, and then donate the money to Thirst, which would then collect the profit and dedicate it towards building freshwater wells in Africa, Eswatini, in particular, India, and South America.

GAAQ’s Eco-club sold over a 100 smoothies of three different flavors during lunch on Thursday. The exciting smoothie flavors were referred to as, “Berry Blast”, “Watermelon Refresher”, and “Strawberry Fun”! The club generated over seven hundred riyals in profit, and all of that money has been donated towards Thirst Project!

Roha Ali, the Eco-Committee President, has established a friendship with Thirst Project’s Student Activation Coordinator, Kellen Brewer, and its Vice President for Student Activation, Evan Wesley, over the past two years. They have helped make GAAQ’s affiliation with Thirst official, and have guided us through the fundraising process.

During the sale, there was also a donation box placed on the purchase table, where the club members informed customers of the purpose and function of Thirst Project. Many students and teachers were attracted to Thirst's purpose, bought a smoothie, and felt compassion for those who cannot drink clean water like we do everyday.

Overall, the smoothie sale was the Eco-Club’s first fundraiser, and it turned out to be a huge success! The club is very excited about its progress and hopes to gain the same kind of support from GAAQ’s community in the upcoming years.

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