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GAAQ At Thimun'20!

Taking action, speaking up, and becoming a leader is the only way young leaders can make change. Having the ability to speak up for any kind of injustice or personal issue can significantly aid in developing a young individual’s sense of self-esteem, self-reliance, and confidence.

Qatar Foundation and Thimun Foundation recently hosted Thimun 2020 from January 22 till January 24, with the main theme being good health and well-being. The Thimun conference “supports efforts around the region to develop Model UN programs and events for young people through discussion, negotiation, debate, and personal action, solutions to the various problems of the world.” (Thimun Foundation). The conference welcomed over 1000 delegates, most local, and some even international, who came from countries including Sudan, Pakistan, Oman, India. Singapore, and Turkey. The conference hosts twenty committees, with three resolutions to discuss each, and holds grand opening and closing ceremonies, to accurately serve as a model of the United Nations. Thimun 2020 focused on the Sustainable Development Goals, and all resolutions and discussions revolved around good health and well-being.

This academic year, eleven high school studnets, Roha Ali, Romeo Ocfemia, Muhammad Hanif Izuddin, Ahlem Ben Njima, Hussain Al Saegh, Nour Kassem, Ali Hussain, Maha Sibai, Hala Hindawi, Youssef Bekdach, and Chelsea Chacala, attended the conference and were very empowered by their three-day long experience. After attending, most students opted to remain in the GAAQ’s MUN club for the remainder of the acadmeic year, and are ready to attend the conference next year. Roha Ali and Romeo Ocfemia submitted excellent resolutions, and took the opportunity to speak up and present their ideas. Muhammad Hanif Izuddin, a senior, was GAAQ’s delegation’s, Australia’s, ambassador, and all students were generally very proud of their leadership efforts.

Attending an MUN conference truly gives students a new perspective of leadership and boosts their confidence significantly. Approach Roha Ali if you would like to know more about the MUN club and attend the conference in 2021!

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