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Safe in School

By: Kevin Chacala -

A teacher named Mohammed Alam Khan is a man who lived in a tribe called the Rohingya tribe, he said that he and his students have been facing a lot of violence their entire life. One of Mohammed’s co-teachers said that within the next three to four months the kids of the tribe will live a happy and normal life while using a translator. The UNICEF(The United Nations Children’s Fund) has helped kids who have been traumatized from the tragedy that happened and helped over 900,000 refugees find a home. Let’s also talk about their background and who were they. The Rohingya tribe is a Muslim group in Myanmar (Burma) and it is now known as Buddhism. In August 25 of 2017, the military of Myanmar made an assault attack on the Rohingya people and the U.N said that they were accused of committing genocide. Some steps are being made as trying to build schools for them so that they could have a good education and the kids still stay positive through rough and tough circumstances. And UNICEF also helped make a song that would motivate the kids in these types of situations. Thousands of the Rohingya people had to leave because of the attacks from the military. They also had to cross the Naf river and the Bay of Bengal while using fishing boats or rafts to get across. UNICEF is also trying to help the Rohingya because most of them can’t swim said by, Peta Barns. Some of the workers met the people onshore and they had supplies that they needed such as food, water, and blankets.

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