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Qatar Leadership Conference 2019!

Are you a leader? Are you empowered? Leadership can be defined as one’s urge to step up and take action, to have a positive influence over others, and to be uniquely impactful in his or her voice and actions. Leadership is crucial in education, and day by day, students in Qatar are emerging as leaders, becoming further aware of their roles in their academic communities.

Qatar Foundation recently hosted the Qatar Leadership Conference, an event aimed at giving students an opportunity to develop leadership skills, and to discover their interests and passions. In October 2019, the Qatar Leadership Conference hosted over 130 local and international speakers who spoke on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, women’s rights, and the sustainable development goals. The Conference revolves around the concept of encouraging students to take necessary action against any problems they observe in society, as well as to empower young leaders to raise their voices in their communities. Students and teachers participate and attend the workshops together, and the conference unites leaders who aim to reach solutions to significant problems such as climate change, gender inequality, and the water crisis.

This year, five students from GAAQ’s high school, Selma Smailagic, Mohammad Qudsi, Mozelle Ofori-Atta, Uriel Ofori-Atta, and Roha Ali, attended the Qatar Leadership Conference and gained exceptional communication and leadership skills. They truly felt empowered to make a positive difference in their community after attending the empowering three-day long prestigious conference

Roha Ali, an eleventh-grade student and Eco-President, presented about her journey to making GAAQ an Eco-School. She was able to share her journey with like-minded students who are dedicated to making their respective communities further sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

The Qatar Leadership Conference is your path to becoming a leader and allowing your voice to be heard in your community! Approach Roha Ali if you would like to know more about the conference and how you can participate in 2020!

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