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Meet Ms. Ali

Welcome to the Teacher Featured Story. The corner of our newspaper where you get to learn a bit more about our amazing teachers, and how they came to be where they are. Inaugurating our teacher featured stories section this week is Ms. Ali. She’s been with us in Gems since the start in 2015. Since the beginning, she has been involved in organizing entertainment for students. She taught math for her first year, then became a biology teacher. This year she owned the well-deserved title of the head of student life. In a nutshell, she is the teacher responsible for all the fun things we do in school. House and school events? That’s her. Most Bake Sales? Her. Field trips? That’s her too. Now that she’s been introduced, here are some tidbits.

She went to university in Canada where she got herself a major in biology, and later on a master's degree at the University of Toronto. Her favorite topic in biology is genetics, she likes seeing why we have the traits we do. In genetics her favorite thing to do is pedigrees. She likes looking at how traits are passed down from generation to generation. To her personally, out of all the sciences, genetics makes the most sense. Her initial intention in taking biology was to study medicine afterward. But on her last year studying biology, after she had already applied to some universities, she joined a tutoring company. There she realized she enjoyed doing that far more than what she had originally planned on doing. Her favorite trip was Bali. She enjoyed it because of the activities she did there. A highlight of her trip was riding in one of the famous Bali Swings. Her favorite books are and always will be the Harry Potter series. Her favorite movies at the moment are all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. When it comes to TV Series she enjoys a bit of everything. She is a strong believer in giving something a chance once, and if she hates it just stop it.

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