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What is the best time to present the Couple Rings as a gift and what is it a symbol of

Ladies love engagement rings made of sapphire, whether they are pink or yellow.

Couple Jewelry Sets carry special significance

Every woman loves the timeless blue sapphire ring. Thanks to its timeless charm it's one of the most popular engagement rings given as a present. The reason is easy: blue sapphire symbolizes happiness and peace due to its color. This is the reason it's popular to think that a blue sapphire ring is able to protect and protect against misfortunes for those who get it. Additionally the blue sapphire jewelry is a symbol of purity and sincerity, making it the perfect gift to give when asking your partner to marry, symbolizing an honest and true love.

Sapphire: a suggestive precious stone

Perfect for paying homage to women with blue eyes. Sapphire is among the most appealing gemstones used in making jewelry. Tradition has it that those who have sapphires are fervent loyal, trustworthy and are able to resist temptation. Sapphire is chemically composed of aluminum oxide and is the only element of natural origin with a hardness of level 9 on the Mohs scale. The richest deposits worldwide are found in Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and Madagascar however small sapphire crystals are also discovered in Italy in the calcite deposits of Terminillo. The gem is typically sold with a round or oval cut. However, it could also be set with an oval or a heart cut.

Not just blue: all the colors of sapphire rings

While the most commonly used are blue, there are other shades of sapphire, like yellow, pink as well as purple, orange or green. On the market, there are mainly rings with yellow, blue, and pink sapphires. The latter are made of white gold, which goes well with the yellow. Rings made of pink sapphires however, are ideal for romantic women. Costs vary depending on the characteristics of the ring. This includes the type of metal as well as the dimension of the stone, as well as whether or not there are diamonds inside the ring. The prices for the cheapest models range from 300 to 400 euros. However, they can go up to 10 thousand euros if it is signed by an important fashion house.

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